Pixel Led remains LIT- f48 differential with 1, smart receiver board, 12v led, 50 pixels on 4 output of smart receiver board, 30% brightness


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Jan 21, 2021
Hello All:

I am just entering in beautiful world of pixel led projects. I am trying to set up my test bench and hooked falcon f48 differential with 1, smart receiver board. I using 12v led pixels strand of 50 pixels on 4 output of smart receiver board, 30% brightness

  • I pressed TEST switch on smart receiver boards and teste LED in all the modes available – Result OK ( I turned off output and tried next step)
  • After configuring my f48 board through web interface and ran the TEST mode from there for all available mode , pixels lights up perfect – Test Result – OK ( I turned off output and tried next step)

  • I used xLights and designed 4 different models there, added sequences and tried for output pressing “Output to Lights” bulb icon and it worked fine. Results OK

  • When I turned off above test, still few leds remains lit with different colours in each strand

  • Again, I tried step 1 TEST from smart receiver board– all leds outputting correct colors – results as desired , OK. I step 2, ran “test” from web interface of f48, it will run the selected out put from there but first few led won’t follow the test pattern and remain LIT SOLID with different output colors. Why few FIRST led around 7 -10 in each strand will output & will remain lit with different colours. This happens with strand attached to all 4 output of smart receiver board.

  • I tried following:
I tried swapping output port for pixel led strands – NO change

I measured supply voltage at smart receiver board which is 12v,

Checked smart receiver board configuration and it is set as NORMAL mode( both mode switch down)

I tried checking voltage at the end of each stand of 50 lights and voltage is around 11.80v

Tried changing output PORT on f48 differential board – still same problem

Tried changing RJ45 data cable - still same problem

What I am missing?

Please help.



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Nov 26, 2019
G'day 403etr, are all the dip switches on T1 and T2 in the off position too? This is to tell the F48 that the Smart receiver is the last one on the F48 port and not part of a chain of smart receivers.
Cheers Bazzy