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Pixel-Pi V3

Discussion in 'SmartAlec Lights' started by SmartAlecLights, Sep 22, 2016.

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    Yes ive gotten around to designing a making the pixel-pi v3

    Whats the differance between v2 an v3 you ask

    V2 - No - RTC Clock , (needs internet to get correct time)
    V3 - Yes - RTC Clock, (does'nt need internet for time to stay correct)

    V3 is a newer design , fixing up the issue v2 had, dip parts an comes in Kit or Premade
    V2 is old design with the wire fix done to it, only available in Premade
    Both have 2 Outputs of 1000pixels each (2000pixels total)
    Controlled via FPP on the Rasp-Pi
    Compatible with Rasp B+, Rasp Pi3, Rasp Nano


    Message me if you would like better postage prices on big orders

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