pixel stays red when in off state, but plays with show perfectly!


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May 8, 2015
Orlando, Florida
I'm determined to work out all my kinks even though the seasons almost over.:( I have 2 pesky WS2811 12V pixels that refuse to play nice. In between song they are bright steady red. While the sequence is playing - they change colors and work fine. Even in the sequence if they are supposed to be off - they are still red! I searched the boards and lowered my voltage on my power supply from 12 to 11.9 , but still red pixels. I took the power supply voltage down to 10 - still red pixels. Any other ideas? Thanks!


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Dec 27, 2010
It's possible that the red channel within the pixel has gone short circuit. If it turns onto red immediately then this is highly likely. What would be harder to check was if the brightness varied noticeably while varying voltage from 10V to 12V. A good pixel would maintain a constant brightness whereas a short circuited one will vary in brightness maybe 20-30%.


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Oct 25, 2014
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I had the same issue with some of the nodes on my MegaTree, as soon as they changed from being white to being off they would stay on red. I checked the voltage and yes it was sitting at around 12.7v so I lowered the voltage to 11.99v and now there is only 1 pixel that is doing it, always when going from full white to off, but only on 1 song, all other songs if it is white and then off it works fine. I am thinking it might be a timing issue and the rest of the string is turning off however that 1 is just missing the command and wants to annoy me. Perhaps adjusting some settings on my Sandevice controller might correct it but it was only 1 and not super noticeable.

I have now packed away the tree for the year as the weather was nice today so figured why not and I will investigate next year, if I find something I can let you know.