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Pixlite + pixlite pro

Discussion in 'Advatek Lighting' started by julienLed, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. julienLed

    julienLed New Elf

    Sep 7, 2017
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    I'm planning to buy a pixlite controller with some pixlite pro. I read that the pixlite pro have a 16 bit gamma correction that improve dimming response.

    I would like to understand how it's managed by the pixlite. because I will use it with mad mapper software but it work in artnet/dmx. As the DMX protocol only send 8 bit packets, I don't understand how it work to have a full 16 color grayscale.

    Sorry for the noob question, but I'm really new to electronics I develop interactive software and would like to use the full potential of those LEDs.

    thank for your help!
  2. bbayjohn

    bbayjohn Senior Elf

    Mar 4, 2012
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    Batemans Bay
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    Hi Julien & wecome to ACL
    Advatec lights and controlers are great and easy to use.

    • Ethernet input compatible with industry standard sACN (E1.31) and Art-net DMX-over-ethernet protocols
    • Onboard E1.31 to DMX512 output capability (no Art-Net to DMX)
    • Supports both Multicast and Unicast addressing
    • Supports IGMP allowing highly efficient data packet routing in large Multicast networks with many hundreds of universes
    • High refresh rates
    • Individually fused outputs and logic circuitry
    • Wide range voltage input
    • High current capacity outputs
    • Configuration free power connection
    • High power TVS (600W transient peak) providing external ESD protection on DMX interface
    • Remote temperature and voltage bank monitoring
    • Firmware upgradable remotely over the ethernet network via the easy-to-use ‘Advatek Assistant’ utility
    • Simple network setup and fast configuration via powerful Assistant utility that shows all controllers on the network at once
    • Advanced configuration options including start universe, start channel, null pixels, zig-zag, reverse pixels, RGB color order, pixel grouping, brightness control and more
    • Built-in hardware test pattern mode
    • Individual outputs with each connector supplying power and data over a single cable
    • Easy to use pluggable screw terminal connectors on all channel outputs and data interfaces
    • Currently supports PixLite Bright™ series (12-bit) and PixLite Pro™ series (16-bit) pixel strings in addition to numerous other pixel protocols (TLS3001, SM16716, LPD6803, WS2801, WS2811/12/12B/APA104, TM180x, MBI6020, INK1003, APA102, SK6812, UCS1903, MY9221, MY9231. .) Note: one pixel type at a time per controller
    PixLite controllers can be used with any software that supports the industry standard Art-net or sACN E1.31 protocols (xLights, Vixen, Light Show Pro, HLS, Light-O-Rama, Light Jams, Light Factory, ArKaos, Madrix, MadMapper, vvvv and others.) - coppied form advatec

    Most people here use the program listed first, I hadnt even heard of Light Jams, ArKaos or MadMaper. Mad maper looks to be more suited to projectors
  3. OP

    julienLed New Elf

    Sep 7, 2017
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    thanks for you answer, but I would like to understand how the pixlite manage the 16bit grayscale mode. Do I need to change the clock on the advatek assistant if so, what would be the frequency to select the 16 bit mode on the IC of the LED string?
    I read somewhere that the chip used for the pixlite pro led strings is the MY9231. (up to 16bit grayscale)

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