pixlite universe defaults


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Apr 9, 2014
I was just setting up the universes and pixels for each output on my pixlite 16. I am only using 8 outputs so I thought I would delete the data from the other outputs so that I didn't have any double ups or make any mistakes by putting things to the wrong output.

Anyway when I tried to delete the universe for each output it puts the number 63999 back in. Is this the code used by advatek to say that output is not used or is it something else. Just wondered out of interest. Thanks.


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Jan 2, 2012
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You can't assign something blank in the settings, it needs to be valid. 63999 is just the highest universe you can use, when you put something invalid (in your case nothing) into the box the Advatek Assistant automatically makes it something valid.

If you're not connecting anything to an output, it actually makes no difference what you put in those boxes anyway. Double ups are allowed anywhere with any channels in any universe so you don't have to worry about wrecking anything.


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Oct 29, 2012
Yeah...if you overlap universes on two different controllers and one has nothing connected to the outputs your overlapping it won't cause any issues. In unicast mode the universe location is based on the IP to define where it lives so the communication could only go one place. In multicast mode it sends to all devices listening on that multicast address so if that universe lives in two places both controllers will pick it up but only the one with something plugged into the outputs on that universe will actually do anything. Now if you have universe overlap in multicast mode with something plugged into the outputs on both of those controllers they'll just do the same exact thing on both controllers....not harmful at all and if it wasn't your intent you'll be able to figure out very quickly what is wrong. Regardless, it will work 100% without problem if that did happen...It's just not likely what you wanted :) It's a good way to duplicate / mirror something if you ever wanted to though :)