planning a pixel node rbg tree for next year


New elf
Dec 26, 2012
North Richland Hills, TX
I'm in the beginning stages of converting my static traditionally strung 10' mega tree to a J1SYS computer controlled RGB pixel node tree. I'm sure I'm going to have a ton of questions but for now I have 2.

1. My traditional tree has 16 100 light strings split in half for 32 lengths going up the tree. Browsing other posts it appears that I won't need 1600 nodes in RGB.

2. Assuming I did go with 1600 pixels (50x32) I was planning on using 3x50 per output and use "Option 6" from the J1SYS manual to inject the power to each string of the tree. My question is in the connections. I want to build the tree where it can easily be put up and down each year. I'd like the strands to be as interchangable as possible and the setup to be straight forward to install. Any advice on the physical connections for the data and power injection of a RGB pixel mega tree would be appreciated.