Please help T1000S and WS2812 Matrix


New elf
May 31, 2015

I really hope someone can help me please this has driving me crazy for weeks trying to get it to work, im not sure if im posting in the correct section, im sorry.

I had 10M of WS2812 60leds/M strips, which I made into a matrix, starting from the top right, I wired it 42 pixels across, 14 pixels down, in a zigzag snake like pattern, which I think was how all the videos ive seen working showed it layed out. Row 1 has the input from the right, then it joins Row 2 on the left, row 2 joins row 3 on the right, etc, ive followed the arrows and DO joins DI on the next row.

Ive tried LedEdit 2012 v1.22, 2012 v1.46, 2013 v1.53, 2013 v1.56 and 2014

Lededit autolayout is set to the following:
42 Horizontal
14 Vertical
Pattern = on the right Horizontal

If I try using a simple text scoll of "Hello!" with the font size at 9 it displays fine on Lededit, however on the matrix it gives gibberish just towards the bottom of the panel... Ive done a screen shot option, setting the size to 42 * 14 and captured the lededit icon, it displays fine on the application but on the panel its again gibberish...

If i set the layout incorrectly to
42 Horizontal
14 Vertical
Pattern = Under the right Vertical

The text scrolls on the panel at 90 degrees but the font is huge...

Im really stuck with this I really hope someone can help, or suggest an alternative way of doing this...

Thank you for your time