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Please help to find applicable solution

Discussion in 'RGB Lights - Intelligent Pixels and 3-Channel RGB' started by vdim4ik, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. vdim4ik

    vdim4ik New Elf

    Aug 20, 2012
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    Dear All, could you please help me with searching of equipment for the following request.
    There are two windows and one signboard. Customer requested to display at windows and at the signboard the runstring and animation with effects for example sunshine, sea and beach and so on.

    Dimensions of window is 1meter*1meter, the signboard is - 70 santimeters *2,2 meters

    I suppose to use Smart RGB LED strip for windows and 12mm RBG LEd pixels, both are controlled with ws2801 for example.

    Also i saw the movie - how to control LED matrix using LSP - it is very difficult to draw each pixel.

    Is there any solution to make the animation displaying more easier? it will be very good if application will be able to accept pictures (jpg or gif) or movie formats?

    Also customer agreed to use PC for control solution. And also i suppose that j1sys products are better than chine stanalone solutions and more realible, but i need to define which controller i have to use and which program.

    Thanks a lot in advance,

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