[Possibly Solved] Having trouble with F16v3 dropping off network regularly


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Dec 8, 2012
Chirnside Park, Victoria, AU
Edit: So I was only powering from the little connectors on the side (as I'm not using the first 16 ports yet) and I noticed the voltage drop everytime I loaded up the unit with packets. Ran a large cable and plugged into V2 and moved the jumper. Now it seems to be good, at least so far. Hurray!

Hi All,

My F16v3 was hard to set the network for and took 4 attempts before it held it's network address and didn't reset to default.

After this it seemed fine for a while, but now it seems to randomly lag behind all my other controllers at times.
Also occasionally it seems to drop off the network as far as AngryIP and web browser are concerned, but still outputs to lights when the PI is outputting.
I have everything set up as unicast, Everything is on the same network.

Really at a loss as to the problems. Basically, has anyone else run into similar issues and found the cause.
Alternatively, does anyone in Melbourne have a spare f16v3 I can test with to see if that is the problem. Happy to collect and drop off anytime required.

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Jun 9, 2010
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Glad you’ve got it sorted already.

The manual gives a warning of something similar happening. Is this the case?

Note that if you are using 5V pixels with a high load (such as large pixels counts on these ports, all set for white on full brightness), the 5V power supply may experience a slight power drop. This power drop may cause instability with the controller as it is powered from the same source as the pixels. Using an independent power source connected to the External Power Source, as described below, is recommended in this case.