Random timings in LSP


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Jul 13, 2012
Clearly I must be doing something wrong (again) but I am getting really odd things happening when trying to copy and paste chases in LSP. I wanted to make a column of strip light rise up and fall on the beat of a song so I created a quick chase so the light rises up along the 2.5m section of strip then did a reverse chase back down the strip and then applied the fill effect to fill the colour in between the two chases. I then copied what I had made and moved along to the next beat, placed a yellow timing mark and then hit paste. All worked fine. Went to do it again, fine, went to do it again and the effect I made got randomly pasted about 1.5 seconds further away from where I wanted it. Did undo, repeated this time trying to click on or off the different pasting options ( i.e paste to clipboard timings, paste to audio, both off) and more random pastings. Sometimes it pastes the effect further down the timeline, sometimes further up and occasionally where I want it.
The other odd thing I am finding is that if I want to insert, say, a red timing mark, sometimes it'll put the red mark in, sometimes it won't but it sticks in a pale thin white one instead. I might have to move the position on the timeline three or four times before an actual red timing mark goes in ( in the meantime a whole bunch of pale white ones have appeared in the background).
Now I know this all sounds really odd and random and, no I'm not doing drugs while I'm sequencing, but I'm finding it really frustrating that the copy and paste function works sometimes and throws something completely randomly at me at other times.

I have also tried using the colour slider macro effect to achieve something similar which kind-of works. I made a red colour start off screen, slide up to the top and then clicked on bounce to get it to slide the red back down to the bottom. But when I apply the macro effect, the red colour doesn't run the full length of the strip - it stops a few pixels before the end.

Worst comes to worst, I'll just use the macro effect and live with the last few pixels not lighting but I would have thought that if the macro effect shows the red colour rising to the top in the preview screen, then it should light the whole strip, shouldn't it?


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Apr 26, 2010
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I would refer all your LSP support question to the LSP forum as you have a wider group of people that can assist you. Posting here just limits the amount of potential LSP users that can help you.

Instead of using the copy and paste why dont you instead save that effect to your user effects and then reuse it that way.
Also when copying and pasting there are 2 options for copying and pasting, one will be for the closest timing mark and the other will be for where you put your mouse is pointing.

The colour silder issue that you mention doesnt seem right, you need videos to show what your doing and how it looks or else i may just be suggesting things. pictures and video can say a lot more than just words.