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Ray wu - happy customer

Discussion in 'Christmas Light Shopping Bargains' started by mborg10, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. mborg10

    mborg10 Michael Borg

    Dec 28, 2011
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    claremont meadows
    I'm waiting for my pixels from ray to arrive for my mega tree. I have completed 18 straps of 48 so far. I tested a string of pixels I have for another purpose and oops I have discovered a design floor.

    To suit the height of my tree I have worked out I need a spacing of 110mm between eyelets, but standard pixels are only 100mm apart. The first 3 pixels go in like I have tested before but as I added more pixels the angle got worse and the strap starts to curve. I have emailed ray to see if he can change it to 120mm spacing. It's 9.00 at night and I emailed him urgent!!! Within 5 mins he replied back.

    No problem. He will change them and ship them out. He's a lifesaver and it's service like that which will keep me coming back

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