Release 3.4.16. Singing faces can now be made from 10 image files.

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    rel 3.4.16 released.
    3.4.16 Sep 29,2014
    -enh (Sean) Added new script , picturefaces.awk. This script will take 10 image files and flip them on your
    megatree or matrix.
    -enh (djulien) On Papagayo Coro faces tab, moved model name into grid, show drop-down list of choices in grid cells, allow Pagagayo file stitch ("+" button), add UI controls for face element auto-fade, save/restore last tab, show list of checkboxes in Coro Faces effect panel
    3.4.15 Sep 28, 2014
    - ENH (Sean) merge_xml.awk will combine multiple xlights xml sequences into one.
    - ENH (Sean) corofaces.awk awk now will stitch together multiple files for the same voice.

    This release allows a user to supply 10 image files for a singing face. they will be flipped onto your megatree or matrix.

    Updated video link with 3 coro faces (non rgb light faces) and images shown on a megatree.

    here are the 10 images the Wayne Kremer sent. each of them are 50x50 in size.
    While sequencing i put the megatree on a butterfly effect so you could see how big it is (it is 20x120, 180 degree tree).



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