Release 3.6.11. 4 ways to save. New features on Ripple effect


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Jan 19, 2012
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Release 3.6.11

First, was down:
Someone was still using Nutcracker 2.0 (The web based nutcracker. I end of lifed that product in jan 2013. Well a user created 450,000 files and caused Hostmonster to suspend my account. They sent me emails saying they would do so but my email filters put it in a place that i didnt see.

I deleted that users data, is back online.

We have a new release for you. Dan Kulp has added the ability to turn off all the special multi-threading saves. Go to "Settings, Disable Threaded Save" to toggle it on or off.
When you disable it, the save process will be identical to the 3.6.8 version.

I also made some fixes for the RIPPLE effect.

3.6.11 Dec 4, 2014
-enh (dkulp) Add a "Settings" menu. First setting: ability to disable the multi-threaded saves.
When disable, all is rendered on the main thread. Slower, but maybe safer.
With this change, there are now four ways to save
1) Normal - threaded
2) Normal + Fast Save - threaded but only rendering the stuff that has changed
3) Threading disabled (settings menu) - all rendering is on the main thread, one column at a time.
4) Threading disabled + fast save - all rendering is on the main thread,
one column at a time, but starting with the top left most changed cell.
-bug (dkulp) When "Play" hits the bottom of the grid, the "Stop" button wasn't changed back to "Play"
-bug (sean) Ripple effect was not calculating corners correctly
-enh (sean) Added thickness slider and 3D button to Ripple.