Release 3.6.12. Fixes for movie playback. Fixes for hang on save


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Jan 19, 2012
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This release fixes playback of movies.

You now have a 20fps check box. When this is checked , the speed slider is ignored.
This will lock down playback.

Convert movies for play
ffmpeg -r 20 -i frozen.mp4 -s 50x50 f-%d.png

resample movie into 20fps
input file is frozen.mp4
resize movie into 50x50 pixels
output files will be f-1.png, f-2.png,f-3.png .etc

If 20fps is not checked then you have functionality like back in november, speed slider allows speeding up or slowing down movie.
There is one addtional add to this. a speed setting of 10 is exactly 20fps.

Also in this release, there were some bug fixes that might have caused hangs on save.

Notice , entire content is from Dan Kulp. Thanks Dan!

3.6.12 Dec 5, 2014
-bug (dkulp) If Column 1 renders really fast, it could hang on save due to Thread 2 waiting for
information from thread 1 which is already gone. This could cause hangs on save.
-bug (dkulp) Fix some thread safety issues in RenderCircle, RenderText, RenderPicture. This would have muged the effects.
-test (dkulp) Try flipping to a busy wait for TextEffect rendering to see if that prevents some crashes/hangs
-enh (dkulp) RenderPictures now has a 20FPS check box so rendering can just advance per frame if the movie is already in 20fps.
If unchecked, the "Speed" slider adjusts the speed (with 10 being "normal", <10 slower, >10 faster). A speed of 10 = 20fps.
3.6.11 Dec 4, 2014
-enh (dkulp) Add a "Settings" menu. First setting: ability to disable the multi-threaded saves.
When disable, all is rendered on the main thread. Slower, but maybe safer.
With this change, there are now four ways to save
1) Normal - threaded
2) Normal + Fast Save - threaded but only rendering the stuff that has changed
3) Threading disabled (settings menu) - all rendering is on the main thread, one column at a time.
4) Threading disabled + fast save - all rendering is on the main thread,
one column at a time, but starting with the top left most changed cell.
-bug (dkulp) When "Play" hits the bottom of the grid, the "Stop" button wasn't changed back to "Play"
-bug (sean) Ripple effect was not calculating corners correctly
-enh (sean) Added thickness slider and 3D button to Ripple.