Release Release 4.0.16


Dedicated elf
Jan 19, 2012
4217 Greenfinch Dr CO 80126
xLights 4.0.16

o This release adds hot keys to change the icon size
o ctl-1 thru ctl-4 select the icons shown in the sequencer area. Atl-1 thru atl-4 select the icons in the toolbars.
o dan has made improvements to make the display look correct on the hi resolution monitors some of you have. He tested on a full retina resolution (2880x1800) simulation on his MAC. People who have these 4K monitors were raising issues about text and other objects did not size correctly on the very large displays.
0 Gil released his first pass at importing in SuperStar files and have them converted into xLights Morph effect.

4.0.16 Apr 7, 2015
-- enh (sean) Added new icons (16,24,32,48 bit sizes) for pictures, text, spirograph, twinkle,wave,tree,snowflakes,snowstorm
-- enh (Gil) Add SuperStar import function (Morphs only).
-- enh (dkulp) ctl-1 thru ctl-4 and alt-1 thru alt-4 now select the icon sizes for sequencer area and tools area respectively
-- enh (dkulp) Bunches of size/position adjustments to try and get things to display better on HiDPI screens
-- bug (dkulp) Fix potential crash when change to Preview tab.
-- bug (gil) Models window Alphabetizing? #167
-- bug (dkulp) 4.0.14 Fade Up, Fade down have improper timing #172
-- enh (gil) Application allows multiple simultaneous instances to be launched #74. We will continue to allow multiple instances to be launched.
-- enh (dkulp) Enhancement request: Effect icon sizes #162

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