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Release release 4.0.29

Discussion in 'xLights (Nutcracker)' started by smeighan, May 9, 2015.

  1. smeighan

    smeighan Dedicated Elf

    Jan 19, 2012
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    Release 4.0.29

    The largest content release since Feb 2013.

    Thanks to Dan and Gil!

    4.0.29 May 09, 2015
    -- enh (gil) Allow effects to be moved up or down between layers with the arrow keys
    -- Keep track of "dirty" ranges and render the whole range. Should reduce artifacts and need to re-render as oftern
    -- For Effects that display a background and Node layers where seeing the background colors is important, use smaller icons
    -- enh (gil) Ability to insert new layers above and below selected layer
    -- enh (dkulp) Add ability to turn off the node value display in the grid to improve performance (particularly
    if all that is important is the xLights effects dropped on the nodes)
    -- Improved SuperStar import to handle all effects, images and scenes (text still not supported)
    -- Added more SuperStar import options to support visualization sequences
    -- Ability to import LMS files/channels into xLights effects
    -- Added Normal blending mode which supports alpha channels if used within effects
    -- Optimize strand/node rendering performance
    -- Improved waveform rendering
    -- Fix crashes if no color is selected for certain effects
    -- Added vector mode for Pictures
    -- Removed fseq directory
    -- Improved handling of text controls and associated sliders
    -- High DPI display improvements
    -- New Tree Ribbon type and Tree Flat type
    -- Improved display of 360/270/180 Trees
    -- Fixed bug with timing imports #225.
    -- Morph, Fan, and Fire effects updated to support alpha blending
    -- Color Wash effect updated to provide capability to limit it to a rectangle
    -- Fixed crash with strand/nodes on custom models
    -- Smaller icons displayed on effects with backgrounds and node lines so background colors are not obscured
    -- Fix crashes with Fan/Galaxy/Shockwave when used on WholeHouseModels

    It does look like the the strands of a model can be edited in a grid editor fashion. I will be making a video to describe how. This ability is from Dan Kulp.
    You need to make models for your AC channels. You then open the model by right clicking and "toggle nodes"

    Use ON and OFF as the basic method of turning on and off a channel. You can also ramp up and ramp down with the ON command.
  2. Jimbo

    Jimbo Full Time Elf

    Feb 27, 2014
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    I was just wondering if there is any ability in nutcracker to view all the channels under a model and control them separately?

    IE similar to LSP, where you have the RGB layer as a master control, click on it and have the the full list of channels come up under it?

    As an example, my leaping arches are made up of 8 sections of 5050 RGB Dumb strip. If i want to chase them in time across the music, or do multiple colors on each section within the arch can this be currently done in Nutcracker?

    The same applies to my 2D Mega tree with the pixels, when I may want one strip to be blue and the next white etc and change in time to the music, is there the ability to do this as well?

  3. OP

    smeighan Dedicated Elf

    Jan 19, 2012
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    dan kulp gave us this ability in a recent release.

    Right click a model in the SEQUENCER tab. Select "Toggle Strands". You can drop effects on each strand that makes up your models. ON is a good effect to use since it allows ramp up and down besides a solid color. Every effect , though, can be dropped on a strand.

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