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    4.0.30 May 13, 2015
    (Dkulp) * Detect ramp up/down when converting to effects
    (Dkulp) * IF the effects panels are disabled (for example, while rendering and saving),
    we cannot update the effect as disabling the controls changes the effect strings.
    (Gil) * Draw Timing lines last. This makes a timing grid look better when selecting 25,50ms.
    (Gil) * Use original effect duration for paste if no timing track is active.
    (dkulp) * Fix problem of "To Center" checkbox on text always being turned off
    (dkulp) * Add the alpha channel handling to text effect
    (dkulp) * Re-render range when effect moves
    (dkulp) * More slider<->text updates. Dan is adding text boxes to all effects that have sliders. This allows entering exact values
    ISSUES CLOSED in 4.0.29 and 4.0.30. See
    -- 4.0.30 May 13, 2015
    -- Three channels in Custom Model when selecting 4 Channel RGBW #216
    -- 4.0.2x Tall custom model causes Ok, Cancel Appearance buttons to move out of view, clickable area #213
    -- Unable to change model on lengthy models #202
    -- Nutcracker Timing Mark Import Failure #225
    -- Enhancement - Models - Arches - single color #136
    -- fseq Save Directory doesn't save to location specified. #190
    -- Test tab requires that XL4 be restarted to see the new network configuration in 4.0.18 #211

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