Release release 4.0.33


Dedicated elf
Jan 19, 2012
4217 Greenfinch Dr CO 80126
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4.0.33 May 19, 2015
Developers notes:
-- enh(dkulp) Update the "Strobe" strand type to actually strobe in the preview
-- bug (gil) SuperStar import updates. Fix morph default values to match recent changes. Subtract offset before doing mod.
Add option to flip Y for visualization imports.
-- enh(dkulp) Allow start channel to be specified in #:# notation where first part is the output and the second is the offset from the start of that output. So 3:1 is the first channel of the third output.
-- bug(dkulp) Copy/Paste models from LibreOffice on Mac not working due to cr/lf issues
-- bug(dkulp) Fix #205 - Spriograph D animation not working
-- enh(dkulp) Add Shimmer option to On and ColorWash
-- enh(dkulp) Add "Single Color Custom" string type that allows custom color selection
-- enh(dkulp) Change Vixen import to use streaming xml parser to handle bigger files

The following are the Open issues that have been closed over the last 5 days.
We now have Steve Giron working triaging the bugs. He has gone through all open bugs (>90) and
closed bugs where the
1) problem is now fixed,
2) closed the bugs if they were trivial (with the original users input), or
3) we actually know we fixed the bug (you would see dan or gil as commenting on bug) or
4) We document that it is not a bug but is performing as it was designed.
5) Bug closed because it is a duplicate of another bug
If you see an issue closed that you think is still an issue, please re-open the issue.

Issues closed since release 4.0.32:
Spirograph - distance animation option does not work #205
Release 27 Models disappearing while sequencing #221
ENHANCEMENT: Add additional single line colors to Model Selection #130
Message when clicking on a effect #227
Release 4.0.31 crashes #228
Deleting models causes erroneous messages to appear #85
in sequencer single strand lights will only show up in model windows if they are red. white,green blue will not show. #191
File Names not preserving Case when saving sequences. #149
Data Layer import of a conductor file crashes Nutcracker #226
Panel Layout/Perspectives - not allowing saving without sequence active. #153
If you cancel while creating new sequence, xLights hangs (crashed once but can't repeat) #119
Crash on trying to load Steve Gase's 6,000 effects xml #120
Papagayo xml not displaying correctly in sequencer grid (xl4.0.23) #214
Renaming models crashes app #223
Model Group Crash #217
Export models to HLS #224
Bars effect - Speed bug ? #99
When I move from sequencer to preview popups remain #140
Feature Request: Drag effects between layers #154
Crash with no folder set 4.0.20 #207
xl 4.0.7 crashes #117
Model Channel Grid odd behaviour with Individual Start Chans check box. #186
Enhancement: Ability to play/stop sequence with spacebar (or other key in keybindings file) #194
Playback on sequencer tab will not stop with stop button randomly #192
Effect Settings Update (F5) #189
App will crash when importing duplicate timing tracks. #208