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Reopenign of E1.31 standard - Technical Errors and IPv6

Discussion in 'DMX, E1.31 & Networking' started by multicast, Jan 23, 2017.

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    Jul 13, 2013
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    The CPWG ( Control Protocol Working Group ) voted to reopen the E1.31 standard at the weekend, to do a small section of work..

    There are a couple of technical errors in the standard that need to be ammeded.. ( off by one errors in some of the tables ).. We also are going to add ipv6 to the standard. We are moving on a very tight time frame so that we can present an ammeded standard back to to the CPWG in March, so it can be voted out to go to public review.

    At a functional level there will be no differnece between an ipv4 and and ipv6 implementation.. Ipv6 will send packets to ipv6 multicast address's ( to be dtermined ) in a way very similar to ipv4 does. ( you use MLP rather than IGMP )..

    Adding ipv6 will allow E1.31 to be used on networks that are ipv6 only, which is a growing issue, as well as being able to deply security around the applicaiton, using the inbuilt security features of ipv6 ( AH particually )..

    Our longer term work, is to extend the number of universes to 32 bits, but theres some significnat scaling issues that we have to address and that wont' happen this year.

    As always id encourage to you contribute to the public review process, ( i'll let you know when the documents are avaialble ) and also if you want to participate in the CPWG you are able to join.

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