Replacing filament string lights with LEDS

uncle fester

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Aug 1, 2011
Brooklyn Park, South Australia
Hi all, part of our xmas display are made using aluminium frames in various shapes & sizes. eg. a 1.8m santa. These frames are then wired using 36V light strings with each light supported by plastic clips, the globes are then painted (these have been done over some years). We are wanting to replace the strings with LED units (24V). One supplier can provide 300 LED strings with replaceable coloured LEDs but we are looking at $1800 (20 strings) for the strings plus an extra $600 for 6000 coloured LEDs. Can anyone help?


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Dec 27, 2010
I replaced the incand lights on 2 Santas and 4 reindeer with leds. They sound like they were the same sort of thing as you are talking about as they have the clips and the coloured glass on the incand lights. I started with some 24V white strings that I cable tied into place as the clips were useless for the task and were dying due to UV anyway. Wherever white wasn't suitable I swapped out the white and changed for green, red, blue or yellow. Changing over the leds was a pretty slow process as each 1 had to be heatshrinked after swapping the leds. The end result looks brilliant (you can see a Santa and 3 deer to the left of my driveway in the nighttime shot on here ). I got the leds via Ray Wu and they were fairly cheap. I got 1000 of R G and B and I've used them for bits and pieces over the years.