Roof display - help requested


Apprentice elf
Sep 17, 2016
Gold Coast

I wouild like some advice regarding a fanshape I am putting on my roof.
In xLights, I have created a model with 8 straight lines to form a fan shape (see pic)
Each individual line/string is a separate model.

It is to have 8 strings of 100 leds (3:1 - WS2811).
In my xlights layout, I have defined (blue square-green square-blue square-green square...) that bottom left (point A) is the data input which then progresses up to 'B', crosses over to 'C', comes down to 'D', connects to 'E', up to 'F', crosses to 'G' etc. finishing at 'P' - ie in a zig-zag motion.

The Pixlite II can control 1020 LEDs per output, so the 800 LEDs can be controlled by 1 output.

My question is:
Is this the right way to configure the model, or do I configure it an upside-down tree (as a single model) instead?
I tried configuring is as a spinner with 8 arms over an arc of 125 deg, but found that difficult to resize/scale to fit the roof.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.