I love blinky lights :)
Community project designer
Dec 27, 2010
I saw a while back that dkulp at Falcon Christmas had added some code for the Oled displays to FPP for the BBB and CaptainMurdoch had thus added the code to the Pi version of FPP. As I had a board in the works that I thought would benefit from the addition of an oled display I ordered a bunch and added it to my rPi-MFC design. I also created a plain display board for the Pi so I could test that it works more than anything. I got the oleds in the mail this morning and this afternoon I finally got some testing done of the rPi-Led. It is super cool seeing the little display light up with some data for the 1st time. It didn't tell me that I was a bit of a numpty and didn't have the Ethernet cable plugged into the Pi but in a roundabout way it helped me work it out. It has actually inspired me to add a request over at Falcon Christmas for some more info on the display.
I know the oled code works on the latest 2.x master build but I don't know if it works on the latest 2.6 build as I haven't got 1 of them going at the moment.

I'm also stocking a few oleds for those wanting to play around with them.