rPi-mfc now available


I love blinky lights :)
Community project designer
Dec 27, 2010
The new rPi-mfc multifunction controller is now available after being tested with the newly released Falcon Player version 3.0. 3.0 broke the dmx output but Dan tells me that will be fixed in 3.1.
The mfc has the following features
1 WS281x output capable of controlling 1000 pixels. Supplied with a 7.5A fuse which can power about 150 pixels
1 P10 panel output capable of controlling 12 P10 1/8th scan panels. (not sure on ability to drive other Px panels like P5 etc)
1 non isolated DMX output. (this can control DMX, LOR or Renard under Falcon Player I believe)
3 GPIO user inputs for triggering effects, shutting down the Pi or changing sequences etc
128x64 Oled display for showing FPP status and for editing settings
Up/Down and Enter jumpers to allow access to FPP statuses and settings that are displayed on Oled
Real time clock for scheduling shows
Inbuilt regulator to power the rPi-mfc and Pi from 5V or 12-24V