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Running Ray's 27 channel DMX controller with LOR

Discussion in 'LOR General Discussion' started by Bokines, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. Bokines

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    Jun 29, 2014
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    North Gosford, NSW
    I am trying to hook up one of Ray's 27 channel DMX controllers to control dumb RGB lights through LOR S3 advanced. I have followed instructions on the Holiday Coro's website to solder a cat five to the DMX pad on the circuit board. From my understanding I needed to connect the stripped orange cable to the right connection (closest to the printed A) and the solid orange cable to the middle connection. I am using a standard cat5 cable not a cross-over cable. This is then connected to an LOR 485 dongle and plugged into the USB port of my computer. I have gone into Network setup and selected the adaptor (A1014VGP) and the protocol as raw DMX. The listener detect the dongle but I cannot communicate with the Board (red status light remains steady). Powering the board on and off results in the attached lights flashing on and off accordingly. When the dip switch is turned to the test mode the lights respond accordingly.
    I have gone into my sequencer and set up some RGB channels and run the sequence. Nothing happens. I have not set any dip switches on the board, these are all in the off position when running the sequence.
    I am obviously missing something in the setup. Any feedback would be appreciated.
    Thank you
  2. AAH

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    Dec 27, 2010
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    You will need to set a start address on the 27ch board. The lor boards use 16 channels based on whatever unit unit ID is programmed into them. If you have 1 lor board and it is set to 1 then it will use dmx channels 1-16. The 27ch board would then be set to a start address of 17. If you have a lor network still setup in the network preferences and possibly any lor channels in the sequence the sequencer will turn off the "control lights" thingy.
    As a test of the connected hardware I always do and tell people to use da_dmx to test things. Just about all you need to do is click on the "open port" and you can fade lights up and down to check everything is connected and working. You have to make sure LOR is fully closed down especially the control panel or there will be a punchup to see who gets control over the dongle.

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