SACN and artnet problem with p2 and p12r


New elf
Oct 3, 2014
I have a problem using sACN on the p12s and p2 units

When I select scan under protocols my LEDs flash randomly to full white across all outputs. When I select artnet it works ok for a while then stops responding after about an hour on the p12s.
The p2 was working fine on artnet for 3.5 hrs then the strings I had connected all screwed up with addresses. With the first 2 strings being the same the third and 4th were randomly starting at an unknown address and it was a test pattern flashing with the DMX signal behind it. As soon as I unplug the network cable the test sequence goes solid. The lighting console I am using is an ETC ION I have not had any issues with artnet or sACN before and am running 400ch of Dmx fixtures of dimmers and intelligent lights of sACN.

I have my desk set up to broadcast artnet and tried the limited broadcast but didn't help.
SACN was using the release version. The controller wouldn't accept signal from the draft option.
I am using 5v ws2812 LEDs set to ws2811 3500 speed. My psu is an atx psu.

Do you have any suggestion as to what I should do or check to stop this issue?


Mae gen i C.L.A.P ei heintus iawn
Dec 27, 2010
Landsdale, Perth, Western Australia
Look at the test pattern on the P2 and P12, it should not be enabled when trying to send sACN data. Look at the configuring web interface to see if it is enabled. On the P12 it could also be on the dip switches.