Saying Hello from Arizona USA


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Dec 4, 2014
Mesa Arizona
Yea, I just need more info on which controllers are compatible with the led strip I may purchase. I might get the holiday Coro controller that can change from smart to dumb and all these other features. Just don't know if I have to buy one controller per led strip or if I can daisy chain a few strips. I'm thinking I'll buy from ray wu ( I think it was) have the link saved at home.


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Jan 4, 2013
Tucson, AZ
It's probably easier to decide what you want to put up whether it be strips across your roof or a ribbon tree etc. Then we can help tell you what you would need. You don't need a controller per strip although if you use LOR CCR's that's what you get. I started with 5 LOR CCR's and still run them in the yard and I also have a 12 ribbon tree with strips bought from Ray Wu. This year I'm adding a 32 string 42 pixels/string mega-pixel tree.

I like the J1SYS P12S controllers which have 12 outputs plus 2 DMX output ports. Each controller is different like this one only allows 1 universe per output so you can have 170 rgb pixels because that would be 510 total channels just below the 512 limit for a universe. So on each output you could daisy chain three 50 pixel strips but you also need to look at the current requirements and it may need power injection because the power line will drop off with distance. I run one string per output for my 12 ribbon tree because it makes the cabling easier and it isolates that controller to running only that tree. Also you have the option of +5 VDC versus +12 VDC strips/strings. My 12 ribbon tree is +12 and my new pixel tree is +5.

I just added a Sandevices E6804 to my yard yesterday and it's capable of running more than one universe per output but I forget the exact specs.

There is just so much you can learn you gotta just start trying things and get help when you need it. Read over the Lighting 101 manual on this site lots of good stuff in there.