Scrollingtext help!!


New elf
May 25, 2014
Corona, CA
I'm new to X-lights (working with version 4.24) I'm working on a 12 string x 50 pixel horizontal matrix. I have everything hooked up correctly and can control the effects to the matrix.

My problem is in scrolling text, As an example I use Merry Christmas with an Arial font and the text scrolls as it should but it isn't smooth?, As the text appears across the pixels the pixels flash (almost like a strobe) instead of a smooth transition from pixel to pixel, The preview shows it fine but the actual output to the pixels seems to be the issue, I'm not sure if its a setting in X-lights I'm missing or my card or? Because if this I cant even make out the words on the matrix?

Any help would be appreciated (using a Joshua1 P12S/P12X controller)


Full time elf
Jan 4, 2013
Tucson, AZ
I'm not sure because I haven't run the xLights text on real hardware yet but I will be using that exact setup in the next 3 weeks for a high school graduation show I'm doing. Part of my display will be a 12x50 horizontal ribbon matrix operated by a J1SYS P12S so I should get to test this out. I plan to use it as a marquee with scrolling words.