Seed pixel megatree


Apprentice elf
Nov 21, 2020
I'm looking at putting a seed mega tree together this year: ~1.4m base, ~3m tall, 2.5cm spacing (5cm doubled back at the top).

I have a couple of concerns due to being based on seed pixels rather than strip + bullet / square nodes:

1. Will I have issue with varying node brightness if I don't take particular care to ensure all of the seeds point outwards?
2. Given the greater 'transparency' of the tree, and that seeds are somewhat viewable from the back, am I going to run into issues with whatever is showing on the back of the tree coming through to the front, interfering with effects / images shown on the tree? Because of the location, I'm aiming for at least 270°.

Interested to hear anyone's thoughts, particularly if you already have made one.


Full time elf
Dec 17, 2017
Boondall, Brisbane
I'm going to make one this year but only 180 degree. doing 10 strands x 5cm spaced with single zigzag so 2.5m x 20 + topper

personally, I wouldn't go past 180 degrees for the reasons you mentioned.

Yes seed pixels are slightly dimmer from behind, also much smaller so the transparency through the tree will be much greater, you could overcome this with more strands to fill the space.

also when I played with 2.5cm seeds they were quite difficult to splice and repair in that small gap!


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Mar 13, 2021
The other challenge with splicing -- if you're relying on the seeds alone to do the spacing -- you need to spice them to exactly 5cm/2.5cm/whatever. It's not an issue with regular pixels in strip - the strip handles the spacing.