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Sequencing with new items

Discussion in 'The Family Room' started by NTKing(Brad), Jan 19, 2018.


For sequencing with new items

  1. go through all my last year sequences and add the new items to the sequence

  2. leave them as is and start new sequences

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  3. all of the above

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  4. mixture of above

  5. other

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  1. NTKing(Brad)

    NTKing(Brad) Full Time Elf

    Dec 28, 2016
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    Albany Creek
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    Have just completed my first year, and now starting on the second year (this question will also be the same for third and fourth and fifth years etc). I am adding new items to the display and wondering what is the best way to tackle it for sequencing?

    Do I:
    go through all my last year sequences and add the new items to the sequence?
    leave them as is and start new sequences?
    all of the above?
    a mixture of the above?

    I am going to go with a mixture of the above - spend a little bit of time on my previous years sequences, but fully utilise them in the new sequences.
    I appreciate this is going to be on an individual preference basis, but just wondering what is everyone's thought process.
  2. djgra79

    djgra79 My name is Graham & I love flashing lights! Generous Elf

    Dec 27, 2011
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    Cranbourne West
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    Some of my sequences I've used for a few years in a row. Changing layout as well as channel configs & model names has meant some of my original sequences look terrible or just don't work on newer items, so I basically started again, but tried to copy/paste as much from original as possible.
    That said, I'm looking to do 90% all new for 2018
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  3. Kitman

    Kitman Full Time Elf

    Oct 25, 2014
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    Munno Para
    Being that last year was my second year doing the controlled lights I sequenced new songs for this year I haven't repeated any song across the 2 years, first year I had 5 songs that I looped through the night and this last year I only had 4 songs but all 4 songs were quite long and I looped them through the night along with a 1 minute Missions impossible intro to signify the start of the show.

    This year I plan on adding more new elements and I may start to recycle songs and I think I will review the songs in full and perhaps change some or all parts of my sequence based on the feedback I received and my personal feelings for the songs, but time will tell hahaha.

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