ShellNZ's show setup...


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Jan 19, 2012
Lake Arthur, Louisiana
This will sum it all up for you:

"Innnnnnnnnnn credible.
Looks great," - "great stuff Shell, put me to shame i'm afraid- envious of your effort, will keep watching for more inspiration." - "Shell your show is amazing!" - "that's amazing!, - "Well done!, very nice display.. nice mix too" -
"Well done Shell" - "Excellent. Great display. The singing faces surpassed my expectations - they looked great!" - "Looks awesome! I especially love the dueling banjos. Very cool." - "Everything looks awesome! Great Job!" - "Sll would love a how to on your singing faces they look awsome" - "Wow! What a great display. You must be so proud. I bet all the people that came to watch were amazed." - "That is really cool." - "Both you and your neighbor should be proud." - "Love the dueling banjos Shell," - "Fantastic! Well done. Excellent sequencing. Bet it looks even better when it's dark.." - "looove it especially the animated little girl and dog" -"Love it! It looks awesome! The faces are really cool!" - "looks great mate, you have done well.. its a shame your not close enough to go visit." - "MORE VIDEOS..... MORE VIDEOS!!!!!" - "Looks great Shell." - "Veny nice job. You should be proud. " - "Shell, only one word can say it. W O W !!!!! I'm gonna pack up my stuff & go home with my tail between my legs." - "Wow Shell that looks super... one question tho, how are you going to do better next year" - "you should be proud with what you have done," - "well done" - "Well done, Shell" - "Brilliant! :DA very impressive first up season Shell you have shown an excellent mix of traditional lighting and RGB lighting with great sequencing." - "Im sure your very happy with the result and I bet its a hit in your area.That looks awesome shell That is awesome Shellsuper jeulous gives me sumthing to aspire to" - "Pretty cool display Shell. " - "Very nice sycn job there." - "Puts my juelling banjos to shame. Great effort Shell." - "Two words.....Innnnnnnnnnn credible."

Shell, what more can be said ? You have captured all of our praise & best wishes for you & the great job you have done this year. You will have a very hard time next year out-doing your self........
We all loved it........