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Jul 13, 2012
I realise it's getting late in the year but it's never too late to add a few last minute elements.
Anyway, I know there are lots of cool snowflake models posted but I thought I'd just post the .stl files on a further cutdown version I've done of Keith Hoyle's original snowflake. These are 28cm across. I have a bargeboard that I wanted to put something on and some smaller flakes seemed like a good idea. Anyway, here are the files.
One thing to note, although this had not been mentioned by anyone with regards to the .stl files for the Snowflake for 200mm print bed, the Halloween spider or the small spinners, some have said that the holes on this smallflake model are a bit loose for the 12mm bullets even though they fit perfectly for what my printer is producing so if anyone decides to print these, maybe do a test arm first to see the size is right and if too big, just reduce the model but 2 or 3% in the slicer program (I'm using Simplify 3d).


Gian Piero

New elf
Dec 14, 2017
Guidonia (Rome) - Italy
Hello and comolimenti for the realization of this snowflake. I started to print one to see how it is. The software I use is 3D care and I have to say that I was very happy from the beginning. At the end of the print, I will share some photos of the result!

Thank you for sharing these files !!!