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Dec 29, 2013
hey guy and girls,

just wondering, i have a chinmey i put up on my roof, and i was wondering about the possibility of have some sort of small quantity of "smoke" rising from it. obviously i could have a little fan pushing it up from the chimney, but what sort of small fog machines are there that would be relatively safe outdoors?

thanks for any advice on this.



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May 6, 2010
Lithgow, NSW
I'd put a small; floodlight on the chimney, or in it (if in maybe RGB so you can make it flicker red?) to make sure you see the smoke. You could use PVC pipe and have the machine on the ground where you have a little more control, as naturally the smoke rises, so blast it a little, wait 5 secs and it should come out the other end into the chimney


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Dec 8, 2018
Heya Goat,

Sorry for jumping on the thread a little late here but I have a slight suggestion with the smoke.

If you have a DMX interface you could go for something like this:
or this if you have the cash (it has lights built in allowing amazing uplighting):
Both of those are DMX & offer & based control of the fixture, so you can fire it at say 5% to give that natural smoke look instead of a massive plume of smoke!.
for fluids I would recommend this if you want thick smoke
or this if your looking for something fast dissipating:

I do use both of those and in fair warning I use the first fluid to haze out festivals for punchy beams, so naturally when i brought it home I had to smoke out the whole street!
If your using it consistently you may have to contact your local fire dept. and have your address added to the prescribed burns register (or equivalent) to avoid accidental appliance turnout as a result of over enthusiastic punters.


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Jan 24, 2018
Hey Goat,
The machines I have looked at are not waterproof as the are designed to be used indoors. Not hard to build a cover though.Most of the smaller machines do not have DMX control. So you will need to control manually.. There are some with wireless control.

Even the smallest machine will pump out heaps of smoke which may be too much in still air and not enough if there is a breeze blowing. Short puffs my be better than a steady flow.

If you choose a horizontal machine you can use PVC pipe to direct the smoke upwards but any lights will shine horizontally there are machines which send the smoke upwards. The lights on these machines shine up.

The video shows some interesting effects with fog. View:

have fun