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SOLVED: Falcon PI effects different from xLights/Nutcracker

Discussion in 'Software Utilities & Other Sequencers' started by Mike Wurlitzer, Nov 28, 2014.

  1. Mike Wurlitzer

    Mike Wurlitzer New Elf

    Oct 5, 2014
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    SOLVED: I had set the FPP-Pi Input/Output channel start settings to match the PixLite-16 configuration but it needs to be set the the xLights start channel numbers.

    I thought I would try to get some assistance from our friends on the other side of this big marble as my countrymen are quite involved in consuming copious amounts of Turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes and other Thanksgiving related foods and watching a non-stop football marathon.

    Anyone experiencing a major difference in Effects displayed when using Falcon PI instead of xLights? I exported my xLights sequence to a .fseq file.

    After an initial bump in the road caused by a defective SD card my FPP-Pi is running somewhat normally except some of the Effects are so different as to not be usable.
    FPP-Pi is connected to a PixLite-16 controller. Mega Tree Model 16 single strings. xLights version 3.6.3
    Some Effects look correct. EG: Garland, Color Wash, Bars.. Colors are correct and look the same as xLight-laptop->PixLite 16

    However others are not so correct:
    The butterfly is multi-color flashes/strobe type effect instead of the actual butterfly effect.

    Twinkle: shows up as a series of horizontal lines spaced about 15 pixels apart instead of the full tree twinkle (2 colors)

    A combined Spiral & Curtain effect have all the descending icicles (icicle shape is correct) in straight Horizontal rows while xLights had them in more of a angled spiral effect.

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