Sparkle Ball !


New elf
Jan 14, 2012
Found this the other day while looking for new christmas designs

I think with some minor modding you could have yourself a pretty awesome looking light ball

I'm going to give it a go. Might try the clear first then maybe try it with white cups. Guess you could even spary the outside of the cups black and and get an awesome effect going that way too.

What do you guys think ? Anyone have any ideas on what else to do with this design ?

I'll post some videos when I've made a few.

Sparkleball Demonstration


Senior elf
Jul 5, 2013
I actually have 3 of these and I've made others for people we know. I get more questions/comments on them than any of my other lights. My three are single colour with two channels each.

I did a few things differently including rotating the halves slightly when I joined them to get the best sphere possible. I made the hanger by melting a hole through the top edge of two opposite pairs of cups, cable tying them and tying one string of fishing line to the cable ties and through the middle of the light so it can still be hung either way up while being supported by four cups.

Two of my lights are much bigger sizes because I used different cups. Any cups with a reasonable taper eventually make a sphere; one I made used 151 cups and was over 50cm across. The only place in Australia I could find suitable cups for the size in the video is here (it has been a long time since I tried to find any but I tried HARD). These are hard shiny cups that need to be melted, not poked with staples or scissors.

The thing that gets harder each year is finding single colour light sets that fit these, especially for the larger sizes.

You're welcome to ask me anything about making these as I've done it several times.

We still call them cuplights which I believe was their original name.

They are well worth a go as they are a brilliant light ball even without modding.

Edit: Link fixed but I can't guarantee that these are what I have.