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Spool Holders

Discussion in 'Corrugated Plastic (Coro) & 3D Printing' started by lithgowlights, Jan 7, 2016.

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    Many of us in the 3D printing game have seen lines on our prints and wondered what can cause it - well one of the many things is a filament holder that is a little grippy, so the filament needs to be pulled a lot by the head. This can cause some under extrusion, or even layer misalignment, so the best option is a filament holder on ball or roller bearings. I started with parts from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1051124 and then added spacers for the much smaller bearings I got (8mm ID, 16mm OD), and used an 8mm tent peg as a temporary rod until I can get some threaded bar later in the week.

    This is printed at 0.35mm layer height, so ROUGH is an understatement. It was a prototype that worked so well that it's likely to stay in use. I will print a better set for the dreamer later this week

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