THANK YOU Harrison Kohn and notice of an upcoming server migration


Senior elf
Jun 30, 2010
Adelaide, Australia
As many of you will know, Harrison Kohn has been a long-time supporter of AusChristmasLighting over the years with kindly offering to host us on his server. He gave the site an opportunity to move away from our original domestic running environment and grow. On behalf of everyone who uses the site I would like to give a very big THANK YOU to you @harrisonk for the ongoing support. :D:thumbsup: AusChristmasLighting would not be what it is today if we were still running from behind a residential ADSL service. From the generous elves past and present, I hope the funds we've been able to send your way this year has offset some of your server costs. If you'd like to show your appreciation, perhaps you'd like to leave Harrison a comment on his profile.

Now about that server migration...
Sometime within the next two weeks (June 2018), AusChristmasLighting will be migrating to a new server location in Australia. There may be some downtime associated with this move.

Why are we moving? From next month, Harrison no longer requires a dedicated server for his own uses and so that will leave AusChristmasLighting as the sole remaining website. Evidently, we'd become fully responsible for the data centre charges if we were to remain there. As it stands, it is unviable for the site to take over this server arrangement for more than a month or three. Thanks to a generous offer from an unnamed member, we're moving over to a different dedicated server located in Sydney. Thank you to this person!

At the new location, AusChristmasLighting will be responsible for a fraction of the monthly costs associated with the server, like the backend server software licensing. This arrangement will be sustainable for a longer period, based on the past activity of various generous elves helping out with running costs continuing. Thanks to each generous elf and a reminder that doing this is entirely voluntary, but it does help and if you do wish to contribute you can do so through your account area.