The Baby Shark Challange - Lets not get to stressed about our Display

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Jan 16, 2018
Hi all

As you most know, Christmas is fast approaching and everyone is starting to get busy finishing their props / controller builds, making up leads, finishing off sequences (or just starting) etc, setting up their displays and trying to get everything to work

I must say a big thanks to those who provide advise and help to everyone to help fault find their lighting display issues and I have seen a few members take the time to jump into chat / the zoom sessions to provide this advice and help and I am sure everyone is grateful for this and it is great to see happen.

To help keep a little bit of fun at this crazy and a little stressful time within the lighting community I am trying to start up the, wait for it...………………………………...

The Baby Shark Challenge

(OK Forum moderators after reading that part you probably will delete this forum thread, and others please don't roll your eyes in disgust).

The Baby Shark Challenge is a little similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge a couple of years back.

If you get nominated by a fellow lighting enthusiast and you agree to display The Baby Shark sequence on your display you can then challenge three other members you know to do the same.

Now I am trying to make this a bit of fun, and of course you don't have to participate etc.

There is a couple of shared sequences of Baby Shark which have been shared by members on the google shared drive, and of course you are welcome to sequence your own version.

I have had a quick look on the shared google drive and I have collated the three sequences I could find.

Here is a short 40 second Baby Shark Sequence

Here is sequence shared by @Zuseleets (it is a sequence which also includes ghostbusters and pink) but you mau be able to extract the Baby Shark part.

Here is a longer Sequence shared by Brian Zees

if you have nominated someone else for The Baby Shark Challenge, it would be great when you get your display up and running if you could do a quick video as proof of running this sequence on your display (it doesn't have to be a high quality video, phone footage will do).

Videos can be sent to this email address if you want

Or you can upload to your preferred place and post a link if you prefer.

Remember I am trying to keep this a bit of fun, and I hope everyone gets their displays up and running without to many issue, and the above are not rules etc feel free to display The Baby Shark sequence without nominating anyone just for your own and hopefully many people which come to watch your display delight :0

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Jun 23, 2013
angle vale s.a.
Oh hell no ! What have I done ! Was curious about the baby shark song!
So thanks to you tube watched WHY!
Cannot get it outta my head !
I don't know what too doo doo doo doo!
Ps don't bother asking me not happening!