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The LightShowPro Re-write Project - Current Status

Discussion in 'LightShow Pro (LSP)' started by Benslights, Jun 8, 2014.

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    a few people have been asking what is going on with LSP

    well here is what is posted on the light show pro forum.

    Dear Valued LightShowPro (LSP) users - hope all is well with you and as always, Minleon thanks you for your use of LSP. Further, we appreciate your patience as we strive to make LSP the best RGB software it can be.

    Before providing a status on our re-write Project, with Mike Mullvenna’s recent posting on his retirement from LSP, Minleon would like to sincerely acknowledge the great work and support Mike provided to LSP through the years. And as many of you already have, we wish Mike and his extended family the best going forward. Regarding Mike’s replacement, we are transitioning the appropriate people to take-over the many roles that performed. Details will follow.

    Re-write Plan
    Our 'Plan' was to rewrite the scheduler in year 2013, then focus on rewriting the sequencer in 2014, while also focusing on significant V2.5 and 2.8 inefficiencies independent of the planned sequencer rewrite.

    The scheduler rewrite went according to plan, but the sequencer rewrite has surfaced some significant structural challenges. Specifically, during the functional requirements/conceptual design phase of the rewrite, it was assessed by our LSP developers that if LSP desires to establish and maintain a leading position in RGB software applications, it must more radically than expected redesign its underlying operating structure to leverage the current and expected 3rd party software tools needed to maximize LSPs competitive performance. After very lengthy discussions with LSPs IT development staff and others in determining our best path, it was decided to continue our planned rewrite, but due to the structural challenges, defer its completion and rollout until the year 2015 season. And until then, balance our IT resources in accomplishing this goal while simultaneously addressing any remaining V2.5 and 2.8 significant issues. We sincerely hope you will understand our rational in this decision.

    Moving forward, we are continuing to dedicate resources to both the sequencer re-write and any remaining significant V2.5/2.8 issues. Regarding the latter, to be as pro-active as we can, we are asking that you re-confirm the existence of any significant issues and re-submit to the ‘Lightshow Support’ Forum so we can offer an updated status and properly manage through their life cycle.

    Thank You,

    Minleon USA

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