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The most wonderful (and frustrating) time of the year

Discussion in 'The Family Room' started by scamper, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. scamper

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    Jan 5, 2014
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    Well it is that time again, when all the hard work starts to get lit up and new sequences tested etc...
    It is generally a great exciting time, but as the title suggests, most frustrating too.
    I decided to renovate the mega tree this year, I bought a swag of stuff from the Boscoyo bulk buy including a heap of pixel strips, so with that in mind I started pushing pixels, I ended with (for this year at least) 18 strips of 75 pixels at 2inch spacing. I reused half of the pixels from last year and added a heap of new ones so there was a few different brands in amongst them, but with experience in using the f16 falcon controller that did not bother me, as I knew there were ways around everything.
    After pushing the pixels I started wiring plugs and sockets, then ran out, so needed to order more, I also ran out of the correct size heatshrink. I am sure you can see where this is going!
    I jumped onto Vixen and started setting up the new tree and thought it would be easiest to just create a new tree.
    That was my first mistake!
    while there is nothing wrong with that, I stupidly deleted the old tree, and you guessed it... All of the sequencing was gone! After much bashing myself up, I remembered that I had most of the sequences on another computer and thanks to Vixen's new feature this year, i was able to open 2 profiles and copy all of the sequences back :p
    Then finally all my spares arrived, so back to the tree itself. I even setup a storrage mount on the ceiling of the shed so it was out of the way, but still able to test it, so finally I wired it up and...... 2 1/2 strings work, then blue leds for another 5 then another 4 strings work.... AArrggghhh
    Time to setup the f16 I thought, maybe it is that the strings are different and need the settings changed.
    2 hours later trying to work out why I couldn't even access the string ports in the f16 via the network interface and I realise that Internet explorer is not compatible with the board. Lucky I am already grey!
    When I do manage to login with firefox, I spend the next hour setting everything up and it looks good. Time to test again.... AArrrgggghhhhh.... still the same.
    Well here is where the lesson is learnt (he says with great trepidation) I found a point that was less than adequately soldered :confused:. Can you spot the mistake?
    Oh. by the way, it now works as it should have 5 hours earlier :rolleyes:
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  2. the grinch

    the grinch I guess I could use a little social interaction

    Jun 23, 2013
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    angle vale s.a.
    Ummm yes tottally understand unfortunately been doing new xmas props for months now (or what seems to be an eternity too keep the crazy light lady happy !.) Display has been going up over past few weeks as we start early for annual xmas pageant here in adelaide this year 18th of November I think . Things where going great new Reindeers no problem mega tree easy ! Leaping arches piece of cake ! Spiral trees no bother driveway arches easy as !plus all the other stuff,! oh must mention bubble machines last year one only used for 3 days the other possible 3 weeks bring them out of storage motors seized due too bubble mix penetrating shafts and into gearboxes no worries 5 new motors under 20 bucks on ebay easy fixed Everything tested (ME king of the world !) AND THEN ! Testing again yesterday all was good helpful friend elf was helping noticed a 2811 strip was unhealthy on the driveway arches factory solder join as per normal ok simple fix . But after this process unknowingly my friend elf has switched rasberry pi on and off and spiked him arrrgghhh sd card plus usb bad sectors and fats don't match !
    But am thankful I still have time too fix as last year had similar cenario on xmas eve at 2pm ish and managed to get it happening thank goodness !
    Goodluck everyone its harsh out there

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