The real Nutcrackers


Dedicated elf
Jan 19, 2012
4217 Greenfinch Dr CO 80126
Here are some pictures of my two 9' Nutcrackers.

Build your own 9' Nutcracker

This is this years picture. You can see my 15' mega tree reflected in the window. This picture was taken Dec 19th, 2012.

Last years picture (My boys have grown!). If you compare the two pictures you can see some of the details missing as we were just finishing building them.
Gold braid, belt buckle, gold cuffs, braids on the boots, swords, hair (used a white rug from Walmart),
finished painting the drums.

Some people have followed my instructions for making their own 9' Nutcrackers.

This person even added a movable jaw to my design

Merry Christmas
from the Meighans!