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TigerDMX48 v4 firmware release R1.05.00 for PIC 2550

Discussion in 'TigerDMX Firmware (discontinued)' started by AussiePhil, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. AussiePhil

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    Release 1.05.00 of the firmware for the TigerDMX48v4 controllers.

    It is highly recommended that all users update.

    What's Fixed.

    - Controller now functions correctly when a partial DMX Universe is received.
    - Works correctly with slower than expected DMX refresh rates.
    - Outputs are forced off after controller reset due to loss of DMX Signal

    What's Broken.

    - Group Dimming is not working in this release due to the rewrite of the dimming code to work with the fixes above. This will be returned in the next release.

    Firmware version is referenced in the eeprom data, bits 10,11,12. Major.Minor.Revision


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  2. fasteddy

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    Apr 26, 2010
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    Re: TigerDMX48 v4 firmware release R1.05.00

    I updated the firmware last night on the T48, this has now made the T48 function correctly with a universe less than 512 channels and i was very happy that my sequence timings appear to be very close when played back through the hardware.

    Now when we say that group dimming is broken what does this mean and what does this effect.

    The issue i now have is that when using transitions and fades I find do not really work and do not fade but change colour sharply as well as turning off and on during the fading.

    Would this be an effect of needing the group fading fixed in the next release of the firmware.

    I will also test this tonight using RPMs DMX dongle

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