TigerDMX48HC v4 Release 1.00.00

Discussion in 'Firmware Archive' started by AussiePhil, May 1, 2010.

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    TigerDMX48HC v4
    Release 1.00.00

    This release implements stable DMX512 reception and software set DMX start channel as well as group dimming.
    • DMX512 protocol support at full 44Hz refresh rate
    • Switchless software set DMX start channel
    • Grouping 16ch into 3x16 using 3 DMX channels

    Switchless DMX Start Channel
    The DMX start channel is stored in EEPROM and is set by sending the required start value as a DMX 0-255 level on Channel 1 and/or Channel 2 and then pressing the onboard Channel Switch until the Channel Set LED lights up

    Channel grouping
    Easier to do than explain. Basically this set each group of 16 channels to be controlled by a single DMX channel, thus consuming only 3 Channels, this could be usefull when you want colours groups of lights to all do the same thing

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    Very nice work, sounding real nice Phil, I like the grouping feature could become very handy in the years to come as LED wattages go up.

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