Troubleshooting strange P12R behaviour


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May 9, 2010
Toowoomba, Australia
Hi guys, I've been trying to fine tune the string speed in order to stop some random flickering. Tonight I tried a setting change after I reset after the change all the lights came on orange. I now can't log on to each of the P12Rs (there are 2) and even after powering down then up again the lights are on orange all the time. I tried forcing the standard IP address and test pattern and no avail, still just those orange lights. The lights flicker on the network hub as if they're still communicating. Running a sequence doesn't do anything either.

Any suggestions on how to get in again and change those settings? Let me know if additional info is needed.

Thanks heaps


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Jan 4, 2013
Tucson, AZ
I just got my 12 ribbon tree up and running with my P12R I bought the beginning of the year. It took me 3 hours of fighting with settings before I got it going right. I started with just a couple WS2811 ribbons on the floor in the house to test and I was watching several tutorial videos but I just didn't seem to get all the right numbers aligned together until I had wasted a few hours. In the string configuration I couldn't find any good info for what I should set the speed to....I saw one video the guy had 3000 so I was using that and I got some action to happen but the colors were wrong and it would only work in LSP...not LOR. My show is still running from LOR so I had to get it running in there. So I was watching another video and that guy was using 750 for speed so I tried that. I was ending up with my ribbons stuck showing all white even after a hard reset....sounds exactly like what you are getting. It didn't hit me at first that the speed was the problem so I was trying several other settings changes before I moved the speed back to 3000 and then it started behaving better. The other issue I had was multicast just wouldn't work in LSP I think I had it set for multicast and it was working there. I finally got the strings running by using my P12R's fixed IP address of in the LOR DMX Universe settings. Last problem was the colors were wrong. After trial and error I ended up having to setup a string effect for every string in the "A" section to have it do "RGB -> GBR". So that is was got it going for me in the LOR Sequencer. Speeds of 3000, fixed IP address, and "RGB -> GBR" string effect.

Tips for LOR users:
Since trying to get this tree going was a last minute challenge I decided to figure out if I could use purchased sequences for Superstar with my DMX channels in the LOR Sequencer. I was able to figure out how to get that working where I can easily cut and paste any Superstar sequence into my show. First setup your DMX channels in the LOR Sequencer. For me that was for 12 ribbons. It seemed easiest to create a different DMX universe for each ribbon. If create a LOR's CCR ribbon device you can see there are 7 extra channels below the 150 channels for the 50 pixels. So for ribbon 1 I did an add device, DMX Universe 1, 160 channels. Then right-click the first channel and say convert to RGB channel. In the dialog check the box that you want to do the same for additional channels and type in 50. After it configures the channels go down and delete 3 channels (158,159, 160). Then click on each channel 151 through 157 and change the output device to None. This provides you with 7 dummy channels so you can copy/paste the Superstar sequence directly onto your channels with no additional editing required. I repeated this procedure for all 12 ribbons by creating 12 devices using DMX Universe's 1 to 12. In the P12R setup I defined the 12 outputs to use universe's 1 through 12 defining the start pixel as 1 and number of pixels as 50 for each string. After doing this I was able to open up a sequence in Superstar....export it to an LOR sequence...Then open up the sequence you want to place it into and also the sequence you exported from superstar and you will be able to select the entire ribbon sequence and paste it into your full sequence for the song. Make sure you change the paste mode to "Paste by time".

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