Tutorial Tonight. xl/nc release 3.6.8. Bug fixes, speed improvements, Preview mo


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Jan 19, 2012
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REMEMBER! Do a "File,Backup" before installing a new xLights.

Release 3.6.8:
Speed improvements (Saves from 60 seconds to 2 seconds, if you do it right)
LOR export now retains RGB color
Dave Pitts has created Preview Groups. Now you can turn the "Part of my Display" on and off in a few seconds.

3.6.8 Nov 28, 2014
-enh (sean) Modified install program so that it has an auto launch button for Windows installs
-enh (mbrown) Removed check that number of Renard channels is a multiple of 8.
-enh (dkulp) Add ability to ignore LOR channels that do not have a deviceType and network defined. (common
for beat tracks and unused channels.
-bug (sean) Fixed label creation of SETUP and convert so export of lms file now creates the RGB data
-enh (dpitts) Added Preview Groups into PREVIEW tab, Create a group, when you select that group the
"Part of My Display" will be set automatically for you. This allows you to set groups of models and be
able to turn on the "Part of My Display"
-bug (dkulp) Fix a bug where the LastChannelCount always assumed RGB nodes
-bug (dkulp) On Mac, could not paste stuff into custom model due to using \r instead of \n for line delimiter
-enh (dkulp) SPEED: Multi-thread the Nutcracker tab saving to speed up the rendering/saving
-enh (dkulp) SPEED: Change the internal representation of a color to avoid some unnecessary OS calls. Results in
significantly faster rendering of effects.
-enh (dkulp) SPEED: Add "Fast Save" option on Nutcracker tab to allow the save command to only render the cells below
and to the right of the cells that have changed. Placing the models you are working on to the
right on the grid can significantly speed up turn around time if you flip between Preview and
Nutcracker often.
-bug (dkulp) Fix bug in SingelStrand chase effect that could cause a crash/memory corruption if used on
models with more than 1000 nodes. (like whole house)
-bug (dkulp) Fix a crash that would occur if the image effect was used, but no image was available.
-bug (dkulp) Column Shift left/right now copies cell protection.

When: Fri, Nov 28th. 7pm MST, 9pm EST

We will be using teamviewer version 9.
If you have Version 10, you cant join conference.
I'll start session at 6:45pm MST

Please join the meeting, by clicking on this link:

Meeting ID: m93-271-823

If you have a microphone, click on the "Voice over IP" on the Teamviewer menu and unmute your headphone to be able to ask questions.