Unable to open show export file error


Full time elf
Dec 24, 2012
Castle Hill NSW
Hey Guys,

I'm having this issue when I'm trying to setup my sequence playlist. I have 1 sequence which I perform the 'Output method and compile a show'. this completed successfully! I did notice though the channel count takes ages when this function is being perform. It goes up to about 69000 and then restarts again before saying done ok! This lengthily process as happens each time I want to perform a preview visual test.

Anyway I then go and perform the usual setup for scheduling using this exported file which is a HLSIDATA file.
It all goes smoothly until select play show schedule and try to set up. When I try to load this then the error appears.

I can run my sequence with the output set and light flash to the sequence but the playlist side of things don't work?

Any ideas? Thanks



Senior elf
Dec 23, 2011
The Path E:/latest HLS could be the issue ,I always have HLS as the prefix 1st then the ver# when creating seperate .

I do not use a schedule so there may very well be something more to it .

You can ping Joe Hinkle on Diyc.com