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Using Pixel Plane Channels as individual channels

Discussion in 'Software Utilities & Other Sequencers' started by Habbosrus, Mar 4, 2013.

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    Need help. I have set up a star as a pixel plane. I have used it in 2 sequences and works great. Today I wanted to separate the parts of the star in a new sequence so I selected the channels and assigned them to a display group "BethStarSingle". I tried some different things with my sequencing, such as individual pieces of the star lighting up. It looked great. I then saved and closed HLS as usual. I later went back and decided to use the pixel plane editor to add an effect well away from the work I had done earlier on the individual channels (about 5 seconds later in the song). I then later went back to the individual channel display group. The first channel is greyed out in many places, such as it would be in segment view when individual channels are out of sync. When I play the sequence in the preview screen, the greyed out areas show up as grey as well. How do I get around this? I want to be able to do both types of effect if possible in the one sequence. [/size]Cheers,


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