Release Vixen 3.1 Released


New elf
Sep 21, 2012
This is a bug fix release. There's a few small features in here, but it's mostly fixing bugs.

Vixen Release Notes – 3.1 (update 2)
* Added an option to use the selection box as CAD Style (VIX-617)
o When ON, dragging right to left selections any effects within the box.
o Dragging left to right only selects effects that are contained in the box in whole.

* Extended Chase: This allows a chase to hold the last color / intensity of the pulse to the end or extend it back to the start.
* Nutcracker: Huge amount of improvements to bring it more in line with Xlights. New effects/features:
o Curtain - Simulates a stage curtain opening or closing.
o Bars - Added more of the missing direction options. Some of these mirror what could have happened by using Horizontal or Vertical orientation.
o Butterfly - Added the reverse direction.
o Picture - Added animated gif support and scaling options. Added other direction options like Peekaboo, Wiggle, Diagonals.
o Text - Added 2 more lines of text and center stop.
o Twinkle - Updated to have the adjustable step and strobe features.
o Added Candy cane as an option to the preview.
o Preview reflects when the string orientation is changed from Horizontal to Vertical instead of always showing the vertical version.
o Add tooltip hovers on some of the sliders to indicate their values.

Bug Fixes
* Changes to the element link dialog in the preview to prevent standard strings from losing their elements.
* Unassigned Event Handler was trying to be called and causing an error when adding a new Color Handling in the Display Setup. (VIX-600)
* Fixed saving PolyLine links with standard strings
* Fixed alignment tools for megatrees in the preview.

* Fixed issue with playback in Mark Manager. (VIX-602)
* Fixed a bug in the rendering progress bar logic that could cause it to hang in an incomplete state.
* Fixed an issue where effects would render multiple times (unnecessarily).
* Fix some display issues with stacking effects and row heights in the sequence editor.
* Fixed a missing detection of a modified sequence when the length of the sequence is changed.
* Fixed some issues with crashes when using looping.

* Fixed for memory overflows in the Twinkle during certain settings that would allow it to create to many twinkles.
* Spin: Fixed a bug that would cause the fill color to be missing if the spin is applied at higher level groups.
* Nutcracker:
o Fixed many of the issues with selecting horizontal vs vertical on some effects that would cause crashing.
o General performance tune ups to make the better use of memory.
o Fix locked file issue in the picture and picture tile effects that can happen when switching back and forth.
o Fix a bug that would not properly show the selected font in the Text effect.
o Fix an issue that would cause the picture tiles to be drawn backwards.
o Fix bugs around determining the string count in multi level grouping.
* Chase: fixed a bug that would cause the last pulse in a chase that is using a gradient over the range of elements to render with the wrong portion of the gradient.
* Prevent empty results from being added when the pulse results in 0 values on discrete gradients.

* Improved the way virtual serial ports are handed/found (VIX-624 ).
* Improved exception hanlding of serial port scanning routine.
* Fix E1.31 display setup screen font corruption

* Fixed an issue with crashes/locks when using looped shows/schedules.