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3.x Vixen 3.3u2 Now available

Discussion in 'Vixen' started by jchuchla, Nov 19, 2016.

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    Sep 21, 2012
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    One week before many of us start our shows, and we've released our final official release for the year. This version is mostly bug fixes and minor enhancements. There's no major breaking changes in this release. If you are in the 3.3 series already, this is a safe and simple upgrade that will only fix problems and not create new ones.


    If you're still running something previous to 3.3, you definitely want to make sure you have a good backup of your profile before proceeding with the upgrade so close to show time. It will probably go just fine, but you don't want to be stuck without a show.

    Bug Fixes / Features by ticket
    VIX-1886 The keyboard tick increment for the slider in the effect editor is to small to be useful.
    VIX-1883 Enter a non letter in the Add Multiple Elements Form in Display Setup Crashes Vixen
    VIX-1880 Extend pulse to start/end in chase with multi color gradient only sees the first color on discrete items.
    VIX-1873 Numerous areas in code that loops through all Rows and doesn't need to.
    VIX-1871 Maximum number of display recent sequences
    VIX-1870 Description for the low and high pass filters are opposite to what it should be. Audio Effect
    VIX-1868 Config does not duplicate channel count
    VIX-1866 The Set Level effect can create intents on elements in a group that do not support the selected color.
    VIX-1865 LipSync matrix images dim
    VIX-1863 The Chase, Spin and Wipe effects can have issues with high element counts and shorter durations
    VIX-1862 Expanded element row does not retain change in row height
    VIX-1861 Vixen 3.3u1 Crash on Render Scheduled Sequence Show
    VIX-1860 Have Vixen make a backup copy of the config files before saving a new version of them.
    VIX-1859 Vixen crashing when loading music with non-ascii characters
    VIX-1170 High DPI and scaling issues in the Display setup.
    VIX-1169 Hitting enter in one of the Text Lines boxes causes the text entry box to disappear in the Text effect
    VIX-1168 The new audio effects do not work when played in a show scheduled in Vixen
    VIX-1165 Vixen crashes if the universe configuration is edited while the controller is stopped.
    VIX-1164 Picture Effect Bug
    VIX-1162 Brightness Curve on Alternating Effect does not give the results I expected
    VIX-1161 Using a garland on a grid with a Down Direction does not use all the rows
    VIX-1157 In the new Meteors effect, the meteors disappear as soon as the head of it reaches the end of the element rather than when the tail reaches it.
    VIX-1156 Hot keys for alignment to marks
    VIX-1155 Adding RGB color handling creates 5 channels instead of 3
    VIX-1152 Text effect does not honor the effect level curve when rendered by strings.
    VIX-1150 Add Shift+Spacebar to directly add Marks when sequence is playing.
    VIX-327 Show Pause for (seconds) not working

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