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3.x Vixen 3.4 Important Update 2

Discussion in 'Vixen' started by ChristmasInKaralee, Oct 13, 2017.

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    Feb 15, 2014
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    Vixen 3.4 Update 2 has been released and the Vixen team strongly recommends anyone on 3.4 or 3.4 Update 1 to update as it has a couple of crucial bug fixes.

    New features include:
    - Snowflake accumulation option
    - Meteor effect - Added ground options to allow meteors to hit the ground and create craters.
    - Reverse Colour Gradient - As per the Inline Curve option to hold alt + shift + left mouse button will reverse the Curve, now the Colour Gradient can be reverse by hovering of the Gradient in the Effect editor and hold alt + shift + left mouse button.
    - Check out the right click context menu on the display preview for some added options.

    Please find below Maintenance release note for version 3.4

    ** Bug
    * [VIX-2182] - Crash when aligning effects to nearest mark in cultures that use a comma for a decimal separator.
    * [VIX-2183] - If the user modifies Display setup and then immediately closes it and the application, corruption of the module store configuration can occur.
    * [VIX-2184] - Previews no longer display after linking elements
    * [VIX-2188] - Make some improvements and fix a few bugs that are related to templates in the preview setup.
    * [VIX-2193] - Zooming in on timeline will eventually cause an overflow exception.
    * [VIX-2194] - The Pixel 1 enhanced size from the preview setup stays in effect on the actual preview.
    * [VIX-2195] - Preview Alignment Buttons Don't Work on Custom Templates
    * [VIX-2198] - Snow fall accumulation effect doesn't build up as expected
    * [VIX-2202] - Unhandled exception error when exiting Setup Preview
    * [VIX-2207] - Applying Meteor ground level to existing effect consistently crashes Vixen
    * [VIX-2216] - Changing the enable/disable on the version control does not save unless you open the Display Setup or other area that saves the config.
    * [VIX-2218] - The export wizard will crash if a sequence in a previously saved export config is removed.

    ** Improvement
    * [VIX-1953] - Remember Individual Preview Window Size
    * [VIX-2008] - Preview window options
    * [VIX-2189] - Gradient Reverse Option
    * [VIX-2191] - Add ground surface to the Meteor Effect

    ** New Feature
    * [VIX-1922] - Add Always On Top for Preview Window
    * [VIX-2186] - Create accumulating snowfall effect for Mega tree
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