Release Vixen 3.4 Now Available


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Sep 21, 2012
Vixen 3.4 is now officially released as the 2017 major stable release.
Over 150 items have been fixed or enhanced in this year's release. Here's some of the highlights.

New inline Gradient and Curve editors.

You can now edit gradients and curves directly in the effect editor pane.

Batch Sequence Export.
You can now export multiple files at once. You can save your export settings to be reused over and over. You can save multiple sets of export settings. You can export a specific subset of controllers. You can even export directly to the FPP itself.

Effect curve enhancements.
Most level parameters in the effect configurations have now been changed to support curves. This greatly expands the possibilities that can be achieved with the current effects.

Effect location support.
Location support has been added to several additional effects.

Multiple instance support.
You can now run more than one instance of vixen at the same time. This allows you to open up two profiles and copy and paste between them.

Preview Offset support
When using multiple previews, you can assign an offset to one of them allowing you to span location based effects across multiple previews.

New Effects

Beyond these new features, this release includes dozens of smaller enhancements and bug fixes. Full release notes are included with the download.

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Feb 15, 2014
Here are a few videos showing some of the new Vixen 3.4 features:

Click here for Video on the three new effects (Balls, Border and Circles), inline curve editor, Curve form improvements and inline gradient editor.

Click here for Video on the new Find Effects Form.

Click here for Video on the Bulk Export Wizard.

I didn't have much time, but they show you the basics.


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Feb 15, 2014
Here is the official release notes for anyone wanting to see the list before they attempt to install it. You can see more details on each ticket at

Vixen Release Notes - 3.4

Initial release for the 2017 season.

** Bug
* [VIX-408] - Scheduler processes a repeated sequence multiple times
* [VIX-685] - Scheduler runs outside of specified hours
* [VIX-951] - Change absolute paths in scheduler "show" to use relative paths.
* [VIX-1113] - Pixel #1 indicator missing
* [VIX-1127] - Web Server Internal Server Error Windows 10 playing sequence
* [VIX-1134] - Export Sequence Close Button Mouse Hover
* [VIX-1167] - Editing multipe effects of the same type won't allow color gradient change
* [VIX-1902] - Mark manager active filter sticks
* [VIX-1906] - Assigned layer display
* [VIX-1909] - Extra Period in Export Sequence Form
* [VIX-1915] - Scheduler Crashing
* [VIX-1917] - Command Controller forces all http URLs to lowercase
* [VIX-1926] - Delete Template Message Box
* [VIX-1927] - Shockwave Effect doesnt work as expected.
* [VIX-1933] - VU Meter & Vertical Meter not running when Sequence activated via Web Interface
* [VIX-1940] - The Set Level effect does not properly handle intensity on discrete items declared with a non full brightness color.
* [VIX-1944] - When I stopping a running show, Vixen exist completely
* [VIX-1946] - Web server sequence list returns all the backup sequences intermixed with the proper ones.
* [VIX-1951] - Align to nearest visible mark
* [VIX-1957] - Schedules that run past midnight may not stop as intended
* [VIX-1958] - The Set Level effect does not properly handle intensity on full color items declared with a non full brightness color.
* [VIX-1965] - Lights randomly turn off
* [VIX-1967] - Scheduler UI hangs while loading sequences.
* [VIX-1970] - Fix bug in the scheduler that launch commands will hang a show.
* [VIX-1982] - LipSync Text Convert Fail Form Caption
* [VIX-1988] - More work needs to be done to allow sequences across multiple shows to be loaded once.
* [VIX-2003] - Mask and Fill Setup Form Caption
* [VIX-2012] - Curtain incorrect Direction in Timeline when reopening a sequence
* [VIX-2013] - Lock file prevents Profile from Opening afte crash
* [VIX-2017] - The up next feature in the scheduler status shows items that are not scheduled to play today.
* [VIX-2022] - The location render buffer does not handle elements with the same location very well.
* [VIX-2030] - Pixel one does not light up in yellow on some preview object.
* [VIX-2032] - Profile not showing up on development build
* [VIX-2058] - The setup preview form does not honor the preview on off state when editing a preview.
* [VIX-2085] - Gradients added to the library do not save.
* [VIX-2096] - Selecting multiple effects of the same type will cause a crash.
* [VIX-2097] - New Meteor and Snowflake effects added to a sequence will not load after saving.
* [VIX-2098] - Multi editing effects with a list of gradients throws errors because they cannot be properly merged for edit.
* [VIX-2104] - Mark Manager crashes on exit when there is no audio.
* [VIX-2106] - Alt + Click Direction Curve crashes Vixen
* [VIX-2107] - Drag and drop between inline curves leaves source curve in a editing state.
* [VIX-2112] - Pinwheel Inlinecurve Scale conversion is wrong
* [VIX-2113] - Shockwave effect Y axis conversion to inlinecurve is incorrect
* [VIX-2114] - Check all Effects that use Integer inlinecurve calulation.
* [VIX-2117] - Inline gradient and curve editor bugs
* [VIX-2118] - Drag Box Filter menu icon has no indication if it's on
* [VIX-2122] - When saving sequence vixen shuts down.(3.3u2 build #305)
* [VIX-2123] - Delete Elements also deleted any selected Marks
* [VIX-2130] - Curtain effect when configured to Close - Open doesn't save correctly
* [VIX-2131] - Curtain Effect finishes when swag hits edge
* [VIX-2133] - Pinwheel Effect debug config points output to 64 bit folder.
* [VIX-2135] - The Balls effect has incorrect debug output targets.
* [VIX-2136] - The wipe effect does not properly account for many closely placed elements.
* [VIX-2137] - Pulse renderer does not render full color items if included in discrete groups.
* [VIX-2138] - fresh install first run failed
* [VIX-2139] - Changes to add more contrast to arrows under VIX-2119 don't draw arrows correct directions.
* [VIX-2140] - Picture effect throws an error when a newly added effect is switched to a file vs the embedded types.
* [VIX-2142] - If the Plasma effect is set to locations on a single string, it will not render and throw an exception.
* [VIX-2143] - Picture effect - Peekaboo 90, 180 and 270 displays a mirrored image.
* [VIX-2148] - The RDS controller creates the web request, but does not actually send it.
* [VIX-2149] - If an effect with a layer associated to it is copied into a sequence without a similar layer, the paste operation will crash the app.
* [VIX-2150] - Issue with the speed setting on the Ball Effect
* [VIX-2154] - In the color property setup form, when a new color is added, it defaults to white, however the way the color is created is not the same as it is in other places and can lead to color match issues.

** Improvement
* [VIX-715] - Save on Preview Setup
* [VIX-953] - Provide File Locking / Sharing for Network Sharing of Profiles
* [VIX-1086] - Add description and more info link to Picture effect
* [VIX-1103] - Star Smart Object defaults to odd angle.
* [VIX-1142] - Add End Time to Effect Time Editor
* [VIX-1885] - Alternate effect needs depth option
* [VIX-1895] - Bulk exporter
* [VIX-1908] - Option to remove/ignore punctuation in Lip Sync Text Convert.
* [VIX-1912] - Clear Text to Convert Text Box After Lip Sync Conversion
* [VIX-1913] - LipSync Start Offset Move
* [VIX-1936] - Custom value effect needs to render something-anything on the timeline
* [VIX-1938] - Increase the Max Amount of Rotations
* [VIX-1939] - LipSync Text Converter Whole Song
* [VIX-1947] - Mask And Fill Layer mixer needs option to include zero values.
* [VIX-1979] - Allow multiple instances of Vixen to load different profiles.
* [VIX-1980] - Improve when system and module configuration is saved.
* [VIX-1986] - Scroll to New Item Created with Add Element/Controller
* [VIX-1989] - Adjust labels on Scheduler menu
* [VIX-1991] - Upgrade version of NLog used to a current version.
* [VIX-1992] - Display Setup performance improvments.
* [VIX-1994] - Upgrade the version of the web server libraries to the current stable versions.
* [VIX-1995] - Investigate and enable the debug build targets for all projects.
* [VIX-1996] - Upgrade the project to target .NET 4.6 instead of 4.5.
* [VIX-1997] - Upgrade the Dock panel suite used in the editor to the latest stable version.
* [VIX-1998] - Clean up unused references in the projects.
* [VIX-1999] - Improve logging in the Generic Serial controller
* [VIX-2004] - Serialization improvements
* [VIX-2005] - Core engine performance improvements
* [VIX-2018] - Add web interface command to turn OFF all elements at once
* [VIX-2019] - Process many elements at once in api/element/on and api/element/off WEB API POST calls
* [VIX-2033] - New curve editor control for Effect Editor Pane
* [VIX-2034] - Pinwheel Effect: convert level parameters to support curves.
* [VIX-2036] - Improve the startup render times in the Editor
* [VIX-2041] - Add Curve Support to Garlands Effect
* [VIX-2042] - Add Curve Support to Life Effect
* [VIX-2043] - Add Curve Support to Meteors Effect
* [VIX-2044] - Add Curve Support to Picture Effect
* [VIX-2045] - Add Curve Support to Plasma Effect
* [VIX-2046] - Add Curve Support to Shockwave Effect
* [VIX-2047] - Add Curve Support to Snowflakes Effect
* [VIX-2048] - Add Curve Support to Snowstorm Effect
* [VIX-2049] - Add Curve Support to Spiral effect
* [VIX-2050] - Add Curve Support to Spirograph Effect
* [VIX-2051] - Add Curve Support to Text Effect
* [VIX-2053] - Add Curve Support to Video Effect
* [VIX-2054] - Change order of String Setup properties in Location Based effects
* [VIX-2056] - Do we really need String Count and Pixel Count in the String Setup section of the effect editor?
* [VIX-2057] - Butterfly Effect: Gradient should be hidden when Color Scheme is Rainbow.
* [VIX-2059] - Garlands Effect: Speed/iterations params should immediately follow movement type
* [VIX-2063] - Picture Effect: FIle name and Embedded Pictures should be mutually exclusive
* [VIX-2064] - Picture Effect: Color Gradient should appear directly below the color effect param
* [VIX-2065] - Plasma Effect Color type labels
* [VIX-2066] - Shockwave effect: alter effect behavior to reduce start and end param pairs to a single curve
* [VIX-2067] - Snowflake effect param labels & Random Max and Min Direction
* [VIX-2068] - Snowflake Effect: Move color type param to color section
* [VIX-2069] - Snowstorm effect: Move color type param to color section.
* [VIX-2071] - Spiral Effect: Move Vertical Blend param to color section.
* [VIX-2072] - Spiral Effect: 3D option should change fade direction with the movement direction.
* [VIX-2073] - Text Effect: Change Y Offset Label to Vertical Offset
* [VIX-2075] - Text Effect: Change text mode label
* [VIX-2077] - Audio Param Order for all audio effects
* [VIX-2078] - Add ability to Invert and Reverse Curve in the Editor Dock
* [VIX-2079] - Add /api/element/groupoff to the Web API
* [VIX-2081] - Spiral Effect: When no direction is selected, Iterations should be hidden.
* [VIX-2082] - Garlands Effect - Refactor label and descriptions to use the common resource file.
* [VIX-2083] - Add modifiers to adjust curve in Curve Form and Effect Editor.
* [VIX-2084] - Update sequence grid context menu.
* [VIX-2086] - Refactor the new inline curve editor to be more reusable like the gradient editor.
* [VIX-2087] - Add Marks to the undo_redo manager.
* [VIX-2092] - Meteor & Snowflakes: remove random checkbox and adjust curve default
* [VIX-2100] - Mark and Preset Forms - Change Toolstrip images and minor updates.
* [VIX-2101] - Improve multi-edit functions.
* [VIX-2102] - The Random Intensity tool tip in the Meteors effect has a misspelling.
* [VIX-2103] - Split command controller into seperate RDS and Launcher controllers.
* [VIX-2115] - Add a level slider to the new inline curve editor to make adjusting a level easier and similar to the previous level sliders.
* [VIX-2119] - Drop down arrows in main menu needs more contrast.
* [VIX-2124] - Convert Hue property in the Fire effect to an inlinecurve.
* [VIX-2127] - Increase the rotation range on the Spiral effect.
* [VIX-2141] - Make allowances to try and copy some layer information between sequences or even profiles.
* [VIX-2145] - Enable the multi edit feature on the gradient pairs in the Alternate now that support exists for it.
* [VIX-2146] - When the application loads, the previews will most times end up on top of the main application screen.

** New Feature
* [VIX-640] - Invert/reverse in context menu
* [VIX-843] - Export Default
* [VIX-949] - Add depth level to alternate effect
* [VIX-1132] - Find Patched Elements/Outputs Scroll
* [VIX-1146] - Request to add Location support to Curtain effect
* [VIX-1919] - add extend pulse to end/start to wipe effect
* [VIX-2026] - Add Location support to the Pinwheel effect.
* [VIX-2035] - Create New Effect editor Gradient Control
* [VIX-2061] - Meteors Effect: Move Color Type to Color section
* [VIX-2062] - Meteors Effect, explode doesn't seem to start from the center
* [VIX-2093] - Create new border effect
* [VIX-2099] - Add Find Effects Form to Sequence editor
* [VIX-2108] - Create new Circles Effect
* [VIX-2110] - Create new Ball Effect
* [VIX-2144] - Preview Location Offset Support
* [VIX-2147] - Warn users if they attempt to install Vixen into a destination that appears to be one of their profile folders.


Full time elf
Oct 25, 2014
Munno Para
Wohoo, now the sequencing can begin.

Thanks for all the hard work each and every year team, look forward to testing this out maybe even tonight hahaha.